TEKTELIC Kona Micro IoT LoRaWAN Gateway

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The Kona Micro is a small but powerful LoRaWAN gateway. This gateway is designed for enterprise and industrial use, whether your application is in smart buildings or industrial monitoring, this gateway gives a highly reliable LoRa network service.

In addition to Ethernet backhaul, the Kona Micro gateway has an integrated 3G/4G modem allowing it to use a mobile network for connectivity. Simply add your own SIM card, or choose our network service option, and the unit can use the mobile network exclusively, or as a fall back when the Ethernet network is unavailable.

The Kona Micro is also available with a battery backup option, this allows the gateway to run for four hours without mains power. Combined with 3G/4G networking and you have a highly resilient LoRa network.