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Browan Femto Lite Indoor LoRaWAN Gateway - US915

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Browan Femto Lite Indoor Gateway - US915

Browan's Femto Lite indoor LoRaWAN gateway is our lowest-cost Ethernet gateway, perfect for rolling out your network in smart buildings, offices and homes. It's compact and looks at home in an office environment or customer premises. The internal antenna helps to make the unit particularly small.

The Femto Lite gateway has Ethernet backhaul and WiFi connectivity to deliver LoRaWAN coverage anywhere.

Configuration is carried out via the gateways's web interface, available via ethernet or WiFi. The gateway supports the both the Semtech Packet Forwarder and Basics Station protocols, so it's compatible with all major LoRaWAN networks. Use it on The Things Network, or your private TTI instance, Loriot, AWS or any other network. These units are pre-configured for The Things Network, and are configured to point to the nam1 cluster. Simply register the gateway and connect the Ethernet and the gateway will be ready-to-go.

The Femto Lite is powered by a USB Micro B power supply, a US/Canada PSU is included.

Browan supports this gateway via its OTA update system, the gateway can be configured to manually or automatically update its firmware.

Key Features:

  • Eight channel, US915 band
  • Up to 27 dBM transmit power
  • Internal LoRaWAN and WiFi antennae
  • 116mm x 91mm x 27mm footprint
  • Internet connection via Ethernet or 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz WiFi backhaul
  • Configuration via web interface
  • Supports Semtech Packet Forwarder and Basics Station
  • Powered by USB Micro B
  • Power supply, and Ethernet cable included

Setup service and larger deployments

We can also support large deployments of Browan gateways, including configuration, shipping directly to end users and more. Contact us for more information.

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Browan Femto Lite Datasheet

Overview and specifications of the Browan Femto Lite indoor gateway

Browan Femto Lite Description

Further detailed description of the Browan Femto Lite

Browan Femto Lite User Guide

Full configuration guide for the Browan Femto Lite


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