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The Things Outdoor Gateway Teardown

Want to buy The Things Outdoor Gateway? We stock the EU 868 and US 915 models! The Things Outdoor Gateway is one of 2019's most eagerly a ... more
Apr 23, 2019

New Products: TEKTELIC Gateways and Sensors

So popular, we're already selling out of our first stocks! We're pleased to be stocking TEKTELIC KONA sensors and gateways. TEKTELIC is a C ... more
Dec 10, 2018

New Product: LoStik - The Open Source LoRa Development Tool

New product! We're now stocking the LoStik, an open source USB development tool for LoRa. Test your LoRaWAN network, rapidly prototype a d ... more
Nov 22, 2018

The Things Network in Edinburgh

We've been running gateways on the Things Network in Edinburgh since early 2017. We started out just testing out LoRaWAN technology, but th ... more
Nov 4, 2018

LORIX One goes camping!

What do you call 2,500 nerds in a field in deepest England? Electromagnetic Field! The UK's hacker camp returned in September, with talks; h ... more
Sep 23, 2018