Want to run a gateway but aren't sure how to configure it? Our provisioning service is for you!

We can pre-configure any of the gateways we stock so that it works out of the box when it's delivered to you. Simply choose the Zero Touch Provisioning service option when you buy your gateway and we'll get in touch to gather the details we need.

Set up for the Things Network

We're big fans of the Things Network as it makes it so easy to get started. We can set up a gateway for you on TTN by adding the gateway, testing it and then transferring ownership to you so it becomes your gateway as soon as it's delivered to you.

Set up for other public or private networks

Our gateways can be configured for any LoRaWAN network with the right details. We'll let you know what we need and set up your gateway as needed.

Running a private LoRaWAN network

We can help you run a completely private network, get in touch for details on our LoRa consultancy and private network hosting.

Sensors and devices

We can help your deployments by pre-configuring your devices to automatically join to your chosen network, as soon as they're delivered. We can even deliver your hardware directly to your end customers fully tested and ready to go.

Pre-registered devices

We often register devices to our customers' networks and applications. This is particularly easy for The Things Network, you can add us as a collaborator so that we can register the devices for you.

Get in touch with us to find out how we can help here, and we can talk through the options.