The Things Outdoor Gateway is the highest in Tallinn!

The Things Network's newest gateway in Tallinn is a TTOG with a view

Indome OÜ has just installed The Things Outdoor Gateway on top of the tallest building in the city, Tallinn TV Tower. The TV Tower is over 300m high and has a view over the whole city. The gateway making use of this great position to pick up LoRaWAN traffic from 25km away!

The Things Outdoor Gateway is a great performing outdoor gateway, at a great price. It's part of our range of outdoor gateways and antennae for all budgets.

Indome is a Smart Home and automation company based in Tallinn, rolling out LoRaWAN across Estonia. Check out their smart metering, monitoring and control projects here.

Here's some photos of their install, and the first day of TTN Mapper data showing packets picked up from all over the city.

May 19, 2020