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Browan MerryIoT Motion Sensor EU868

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Browan MerryIoT Motion Sensor

Browan's new MerryIoT range of LoRaWAN sensors includes this compact but high-performance motion sensor. The sensor uses PIR to detect motion and occupancy, and it also reports temperature and humidity.

The sensor has a simple but effective mechanism to report occupancy: the unit sends a message when occupancy is detected, and then sends a message every 10 minutes while the space is occupied. When no motion/activity is detected the sensor will send back only hourly messages to save on battery life.

The MerryIoT Motion sensor uses the supplied Alkaline AA batteries, which should power the sensor for around 15 months.

Product version

This version of the product is supplied with LoRaWAN keys for use on any LoRaWAN Network Server. Buy this version to use the sensor on The Things Network, Loriot or on Helium using your own application.

The same sensor is also available pre-configured with the MerryIoT app, this runs on Helium and includes some free Helium network service to get you up and running straight away! Check out the Helium enabled version here.

Key Features:

  • Powered by 2x standard 1.5V AA batteries (included)
  • Around 15 months' battery life
  • 70mm x 70mm x 25mm size
  • LoRaWAN 1.0.3 - EU868 band
  • Dual Passive Infrared detector with Fresnel Lens
  • Detection angle: 123°H x 93°V
  • Detection range: 7 metres
  • Temperature and Humidity measurement
  • IP40 indoor enclosure

Other MerryIoT Products

We stock other MerryIoT devices, including:

  • Door/Window sensors
  • Leak/flood sensors
  • Motion sensors
  • The Merry IoT Helium Miner

These are available in EU868 and US915 bands and supplied with keys or Helium-enabled, see all the MerryIoT devices here!

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MerryIoT Motion Datasheet

Overview and specifications of the MerryIoT Motion sensor

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MerryIoT Motion Reference Manual

Full user guide for the MerryIoT Motion sensor

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