LORIX One Gateway Mounting Bracket: Right-Angle Wall Mount

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LORIX One Gateway Right-Angle Wall Mounting Bracket

LORIX One is a great outdoor gateway, and now has custom mounting brackets for a robust installation in any position.

Wifx has designed three optional mounting brackets for different mounting options, see them all here. This bracket is designed for wall mounting.

The mounting brackets are made from laser cut stainless steel, and simply attach to the LORIX One with two screws. The right-angle wall mount can be screwed to indoor or outdoor walls for solid fixing.

Gateway compatibility

The new brackets are compatible with newer LORIX One gateways that feature threaded bushings in the back of the enclosure. This includes all gateways we have sold since the start of February 2020.

If you're not sure when you bought your gateway, check your unit has the bushings before buying the bracket, or contact us for help!

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