• Bands: AS923, AU915

The Things Outdoor Gateway - Australia AU915/AS923

697,18 $ excluding VAT
836,62 $ including VAT     Who pays VAT?
Add a 3D printed SIM card slot spanner: Not required
Zero Touch Gateway Provisioning: Not required
Optional Antenna: Yes, add a Sensational 6dBi Antenna with 1M cable
4G Cellular Data SIM Service: Not required


We deliver globally via FedEx and hold stocks ready for immediate shipment

This is the Australian version, we also stock the EU 868 version and the US 915 version.

Lowest price ever!

Working with the manufacturer, Browan, we have been able to drop the price of TTOG, so now it's even cheaper to build your LoRaWAN network!

The Things Network's indoor and outdoor gateways are driving the cost of LoRaWAN down to make it even easier for even more people to get involved and run a gateway on the Things Network.

This Things Outdoor Gateway is best suited for environments that put high demands of robustness and longevity. It features a 3G/4G backhaul along with GPS. The gateway works out-of-the-box, with an easy to use web interface for configuration. The instructions are available here.

This gateway suits both common Australian bands, and can be switched to either AU915 or AS923.

TTOG supports 3/4G backhaul, simply insert a SIM card and configure via the web interface.

The gateway is supplied with a GPS antenna and Power-over-Ethernet power supply. No LoRa antenna is included by default, you can pair this gateway up with the TTOG antenna, or buy the gateway alone, just choose your preferred option from this page when you add to cart.

Want to see inside the box? Check out our teardown photos!

Key features:

  • IP67 waterproof enclosure
  • 3G/4G backhaul support
  • AU915 or AS923 frequency band
  • Transmit power upto +27dBm
  • Supports LBT (Listen Before Talk)
  • 802.3at Power-over-Ethernet
  • Built in OpenVPN support
  • Configurable for any LoRaWAN network server
  • Certifications: FCC, CE, RCM (Australia), Telec (Japan), NCC (Taiwan), RCM (Australia), Malaysia
  • Dimensions: 230 x 200 x 68mm
  • Weight: 2.05kg

Included in the box:

  • The Things Outdoor Gateway
  • GPS antenna
  • LTE antenna
  • Pole mounting kit
  • Midspan PoE injector/PSU
  • Australian mains cable

Just received your TTOG? Get started

  1. Connect the TTOG to your network and find it's IP address from your router
  2. Visit the IP address with your web browser
  3. Log in with the username and password admin / admin

We ship TTOGs updated with the latest firmware, if you have an older unit you can upgrade:

  1. Download the latest firmware, here (make sure you keep the file name as is, you won't be able to open the file, don't worry about this)
  2. Use the web interface to upgrade the firmware from the administration menu and restart

You can log in as above and configure the packet forwarder. See the Things Network Instructions.

You can also configure your TTOG using the web interface, or via SSH using the details below

User: root
Pass: browan@[The last 3 bytes of MAC(uppercase)]


MAC: 1c:49:7b:aa:bb:cc
SSH password will be: browan@AABBCC

We advise that you change your passwords once you have logged in.

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TTNv3 Basics Station Guide

Browan's guide for configuring TTOG to connect to The Things Network v3 via Basics Station