• Bands: EU868, IN865, RU864

Wifx L1 Outdoor LoRaWAN Gateway - EU868

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Wifx L1 Outdoor LoRaWAN Gateway EU868/IN865

Wifx's L1 is the successor to LORIX One, with even better performance! L1 is a small but powerful outdoor gateway. Though it's low-cost for an IP65-rated outdoor gateway, Wifx L1 is built with the quality you'd expect from a Swiss-made device.

L1 is supplied with everything you need to get up and running, including a 5dBi outdoor antenna that attaches to the N-connector on top of the gateway.  The kit also includes a passive Power-over-Ethernet injector, so only one cable needs to be run out to the gateway. L1 uses 24V Passive PoE, so it is compatible with MikroTik and Ubiquiti products, and we offer a MikroTik SXT add-on to give your L1 4G connectivity.

The unit is designed for quick mounting on a pole using cable ties, and optional pole/wall mounting brackets are available. The gateway is powered over Ethernet using the supplied passive PoE injector. Simply run cat 5/6 cable out to the gateway, pass it through the end cap and crimp on a connector, your wiring is complete!

Improvements over LORIX One:

  • Now uses Semtech's SX1302 to add SF5 & SF6 support
  • USB-C for configuration
  • Reduced power consuption, now 1.5W average
  • More RAM and storage for future expansion

Key Features:

  • Supports EU868, IN865 and RU864 LoRaWAN bands
  • IP65 rated outdoor gateway
  • 5dBi Outdoor antenna included
  • Ethernet backhaul with Passive Power-over-Ethernet injector included
  • 24V power supply, with global connectors for the UK/Europe/USA/Australia
  • Ultra low power with 1.5W average consumption
  • -30 to +70 °C operating temperature range
  • Easy to use web interface and LORIX OS for configuration and management

Optional Mounting Brackets

Wifx now provide optional mounting brackets for the L1, you can add one to your order when you add the gateway to your basket.

Optional mounting brackets

Configuration and network server support:

L1 is pre-installed with LORIX OS. This includes an easy-to-use web interface for configuration.

The Wifx L1 gateway can be configured for any network server via SSH or the web interface. You can choose the Semtech packet forwarder or Basics Station, the latest from Semtech. L1 is supported by all major LoRaWAN Network Servers, including The Things Network and Stack, Loriot and Chirpstack.

Latest documentation links:

Zero Touch Configruration

We can pre-configure L1 for you, if you buy your gateway using this option we'll get in touch to get the networking details from you and configure your unit before we ship it to you.

We can pre-configure the device to connect to your LoRaWAN network, as soon as you take it out of the box!

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