• Band: EU868

Enginko RS232 Serial to LoRaWAN Interface

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Enginko RS232 LoRaWAN Interface

This Enginko interface can be connects RS232 devices to LoRaWAN. Configuration is simply made using a configuration file uploaded to the interface.

The interface has cable with standard DB9/D-sub connector to attach to the Data Terminal Equipment (DTE). The unit can be supplied on an optional DIN-rail mount for easy installation in a control cabinet.

A magnet-mount antenna is supplied with the device which can positioned for best LoRaWAN reception. This is designed to mount on top of a control cabinet/panel to ensure good coverage.

Key Features:

  • Class C LoRaWAN® stack - EU868 band
  • RS232 connection
  • USB port for IoT node setup and firmware upgrade
  • Powered from:
    • 10-36 Vdc input (optional PSU is available)
    • USB Micro B connector
    • From the RS232 DTE
  • Working temperature range -10 to +70°C
  • Optional DIN-rail mounting plate
  • CPU Cortex M4 with RTC
  • 128 bit AES Encryption


  • Remote industrial interface
  • Remote process supervision
  • Data logging
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