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Enginko LoRaWAN Wireless Relay Switch - EU868

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Enginko LoRaWAN Wireless Relay Switch

Part of Enginko's range of industrial LoRaWAN devices, this tiny device contains a relay to remotely switch power to loads of up to 8A @ 230V.

The unit is powered directly by the mains, and doesn't require an external power supply. The device also features a 230V input that can be remotely measured and reported over LoRaWAN. This can be used to read the state of the appliance being controlled by the device, or another mains input.

The MCF-LW13IO opens up many possibilities for process control or home automation, including remotely running irrigation pumps or controlling lighting.

Key Features:

  • One relay output with COM, NO, NC contacts for up to 8A @ 230VAC
  • One opto-isolated input, rated for 230VAC
  • Powered directly from the mains
  • Dimensions: 58 x 44 x 25mm
  • Configuration via easy-to-use NFC Android app
  • Class C LoRaWAN® stack - EU868 band
  • Working temperature range -10 to +70°C
  • Powerful ARM Cortex M0 with RTC
  • 128 bit AES Encryption


  • Remotely switching power to appliances
  • Monitoring a power supply input

Quick start:

  • Connect power to the Line inputs
  • Use the LoRa Tool NFC app to configure the LoRaWAN keys
  • Register the device on your network server, it's V1.0.1 and class C

Once registered you can now send relay open/close downlink payloads on port 2:

  • Close relay: 04000100000000000000
  • Open relay: 04000000000001000000
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MCF88 MCF-LW13IO Datasheet

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