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TEKTELIC Smart Room Sensor - PIR

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Tektelic Kona Home sensors are small but powerful LoRaWAN devices, full of sensors to cover all kinds of applications. With a battery life of up to 10 years, depending on configuration, these sensors are ideal for home and office use.

The Kona Home sensor is available in two variants, this PIR version and a Base version.

Sensors and inputs

This Base model features these capabilities:

Motion Detection (PIR): A PIR transducer detects people moving within the
sensor’s field of view (FoV). Ideal for detecting occupancy in a room, or measuring footfall in a hallway.

Temperature & Relative Humidity: Transducer reports temperature and relative humidity of the local environment.

Accelerometer: Configurable triggers allow the sensor to report if it has been moved. Applications include monitoring the opening of doors/drawers/cabinets.

Light Detection: Light transducer reports the presence or absence of light using a configurable intensity threshold.

Magnetic Switch: Digital On/Off sensing with an internal magnetic switch. Fix the sensor to a door frame and add a magnet to monitor activity.



The sensor is highly configurable, and settings are changed by LoRaWAN downlink payload. The measurement intervals, and uplinks sent on each trigger can all be fully configured. The device can be set to measure and transmit only the parameters of interest, maximising battery life.

Payload decoder

We have created a payload decoder function for the Things Network, available here.

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Data sheet

Indoor or Outdoor
LoRaWAN Band
EU 868


Smart Home Sensor Specifications

An overview of the Smart Home Sensor including the on-board sensors and battery life estimates

Download (276.68k)


Download (692.46k)


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