New Products: TEKTELIC Gateways and Sensors

So popular, we're already selling out of our first stocks!

We're pleased to be stocking TEKTELIC KONA sensors and gateways. TEKTELIC is a Canadian manufacturer with a great history of mobile base station and equipment design and development experience. Now bringing this RF excellence to LoRaWAN, TEKTELIC has produced some great sensors and gateways, and we have a range available for purchase now.

Already proving to be highly popular, we're taking pre-orders on the next batch of sensors which are expected at the end of January.

Meet the new TEKTELIC products:

TEKTELIC KONA PIR Sensor - A tiny and highly configurable node, full of sensors. Temperature/humidity, PIR, accelerometer, reed switch and more! Buy now
TEKTELIC KONA Base Sensor - A tiny node, full of sensors and with an external input to connect. Temperature/humidity, reed switch, accelerometer and more! Buy now

TEKTELIC Industrial Sensor
TEKTELIC Industrial Sensor - A rugged sensor for industrial with many connectivity options: analogue and digital inputs and outputs, serial interface and more. Buy now
TEKTELIC Micro Gatway - A great desktop LoRaWAN gateway with built in 3/4G modem and battery backup options. Buy now

TEKTELIC Micro Gatway - A compact desktop LoRaWAN gateway, unobtrusive and low-cost. Ideal for volume deployments. Buy now


Dec 10, 2018