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RAK WisBlock Meshtastic Starter Kit

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RAK WisBlock Meshtastic Starter Kit EU868

Meshtastic is an off-grid messaging system using inexpensive LoRa based hardware to create a personal mesh for messaging and positioning services.

Meshtastic nodes typically pair via Bluetooth with a users smartphone where a app allows users to send messages over the LoRa based mesh. With a well placed Meshtastic node and associated antenna users can communicate over many miles.

The Meshtastic starter kit from RAK Wireless is built from their modular WisBlock platform and is well supported by the Meshtastic project.   

Key Features:

  • EU868 Version 
  • Long Range license free communication 
  • Nodes can be solar powered acting as a long distance relay 
  • GPS and other WisBlock modules available to add functionality to nodes
  • Device is pre-flashed with Meshtastic firmware and ready to send messages

Kit Contents

The kit comes with a preassembled WisBlock Base and Core module.  

  • WisBlock Base (RAK19007)
  • WisBlock Core (RAK4631) EU686 
  • LoRa Antenna with U.FL connector
  • BLE Antenna with U.FL connector
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