• Band: EU868

Dutch Sensor Systems Ranos dB 1 IoT Sound Sensor

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Dutch Sensor Systems Ranos dB 1 IoT Sound Sensor

Dutch Sensor Systems Ranos dB 1 is the original, high-performance, IoT Sound Sensor. It's perfect for monitoring sound levels around gig venues, construction and industrial sites. Ranos dB makes it easy to check sound levels and ensure safety and compliance.

It's also a great tool for monitoring anti-social behaviour, it will measure noise from cars and motorbikes, parties and noisy groups - and the regular uplinks make it easy to spot exact timing of noise.

Ranos dB is a robust outdoor unit, powered by the built in solar panel it will run wirelessly, without regular maintenance or a fixed power supply. The sensor can be wall- or pole-mounted, using the optional mounting kits. It's suitable for permanent or temporary installation, and relatively compact for transport and easy installation.

The sensor is available in two accuracy classes (defined by IEC 61672-1:2014), and there are two variants of the product. This product is the Ranos dB 1, which is the most accurate - class 1 - version. We also stock the Ranos dB 2 class 2 accurate version, which is lower cost and accurate enough for many applications.

Included in the box:

  • Ranos dB 1 unit
  • Calibrated microphone with wind screen
  • USB cables for configuration
  • Fixings and fixtures to make the unit freestanding (wall/pole mount options available)

Key Features:

  • LoRaWAN EU868, class A or B
  • Linear dynamic range of 43-120 dB(A) according to class 1 tolerances
  • Detachable free field electret condenser microphone. Extension mounts and cables are available
  • Configurable and continuous sound level measurements
  • Solar powered with internal battery
  • Built in GPS receiver for accurate timing

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