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Tektelic Breeze CO2 Smart Room Sensor with Display

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TEKTELIC BREEZE CO2 Smart Room Sensor with Display

TEKTELIC's brand new BREEZE sensor brings high-accuracy CO2 measurement to your office, home or school in a small and elegant form-factor. This version includes an e-ink feedback display for a quick and easy check on the current CO2 and environmental measurements.

BREEZE measures temperature, humidity, barometric air pressure and CO2 concentration.

Powered by two AA-sized Lithium batteries, the sensor can run for multiple years - up to seven or eight years at SF7, depending on configuration.

The BREEZE sensors are small, just 80mm square enclosure, which can be wall or ceiling mounted using the supplied mounting plate.

The e-ink display is connected to the sensor via BLE. Pre-paired with the sensor, it's easy-to-use. Simply pull the battery tabs and the sensor readings will appear on the display automatically. The sensor will send back the readings via LoRaWAN as usual, with the e-ink display updated at the same time.

The clear and readable display can be wall- or desk-mounted, both mounting bracket options are included. The intended use case here is the feedback display being used in classrooms or offices, with the sensor mounted safely out of the way for most accurate readings.

Key Features:

  • EU868 LoRaWAN band, v1.0.2 rev B
  • Temperature range: 0-60C, +/- 0.3C
  • Humidity: 5-95%, +/- 4%
  • Barometer: 300 -1200 hPa, +/- 1hPa
  • CO2: 400-5000ppm, +/- 30ppm +3% of reading
  • Sensor powered by 2x AA 3.6V batteries, included
  • Separate e-ink display, including wall mount and desk stand
  • e-ink display powered by 2xAA 1.5V Alkaline batteries, included

Decoders & Docs

The Tektelic support site has full technical documentation and reference JS decoders.

The BREEZE sensor is also supported by the TTN/TTI device library, so you can add it straight away.

Other variants

This version of the sensor is the base model, there is a version with PIR sensor - coming soon. There is also a version without the external e-ink feedback display, available now.

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