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Terraprima Ladybird Climate and PAR Sensor Kit

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Terraprima Ladybird Climate and PAR Sensor Kit

Terraprima’s Ladybird is designed for horticulture professionals, and measures an array of environmental parameters, including air temperature, relative humidity, light (total illuminance and PAR).

This kit includes:

  • The Ladybird sensor
  • A pre-configured indoor LoRaWAN gateway, with plug-and-play Ethernet connectivity
  • One year's dashboard subscription and one-year of LoRaWAN network service

The rugged sensor (tested to IP67 standard), can be operated indoors or outdoors and is ideal for a greenhouse or polytunnel as well as irrigated orchards, vineyards or nurseries. The 11-band multispectral sensor used for PAR monitoring provides regular collection of spectral data, allowing you to see spectral signature of the light reaching the plant throughout the day.

The Terraprima Dashboard features valuable tools designed to support professional horticulture operations including:

  • Current and historic data records for all sensors
  • Machine learning driven climate forecast for the exact location of the sensor
  • SMS or email alerts when a sensed variable exceeds a given threshold
  • Growing Degree Hours calculator (supports a range of applications from disease pressure, growth stage forecasting and harvest date forecasting)
  • Disease Pressure models for Botrytis & Powdery Mildew in Strawberries

The package includes a one-year subscription to the Terraprima Dashboard meaning it is ready to use with no programming or data interpretation required.

The sensor features a simple one-button connection to the included gateway, and is powered by standard AA batteries, which can easily be changed at the end of their typical life of around three years. The unit can be hung from a vertical flat surface using the standard mount, or use the optional pole mount bracket for a quick and easy installation.

Our pre-configured gateway included in the kit simply connects to your broadband router/hub by Ethernet and will provide LoRaWAN coverage for one or more Ladybird sensors within around 100 meters. Need to cover a bigger area or have a 4G connected gateway? Get in touch and we can spec you the right gateway to cover your site.

Key Features:

  • Built-in sensors: Air Temperature and Relative Humidity, Light/PAR
  • 11 Channel Spectrometer for illuminance and radiation analysis including PPFD/PAR
  • Accelerometer to measure angle of sensor to ensure accuracy of measurements
  • Operating Temperature: -25°C/+60°C
  • Optional Soil Moisture and Temperature probe available - Delta-T SM150T Sensor; ±3% accuracy in mineral and organic soils
  • Dimensions: L145mm x W135mm x H91mm
  • Weight: 650g
  • Batteries: 6 x AA Batteries
  • Battery Life: ~3 years transmitting every 15 minutes
  • Kit includes a pre-configured LoRaWAY gateway

More information and guides

Dashboard and Connectivity Services

The Ladybird sensor only works with the Terraprima Dashboard service, and the sensor requires LoRaWAN connectivity. This kit includes a year's dashboard and LoRaWAN network service, so you're up and running immediately with the purchase of this kit. You own the hardware in this kit.

After a year we will contact you to renew the annual service at the prevailing rate. At present this is £80 ex VAT per annum, per sensor.

Discounted pricing is available for multi-Ladybird deployments, contact us for details.

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