• Band: EU868

Milesight Smart Portable Socket - UK

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Milesight WS523 Smart Portable Socket

Milesight's Smart Portable Socket makes your dumb appliances smart! It lets you remotely turn any appliance or lamp on/off, via LoRaWAN. The Smart Portable Socket also features power consumption measurement, allowing you to find out just how much power your devices consume.

Part of Milesight's CoWork series, the device is a small plug-in unit that sits between your appliance's plug and the wall socket. It's super simple to install. As it's mains powered, this is a Class C LoRaWAN device, meaning you can trigger it to turn the output on/off with no delay.

This is the Type G socket for the UK. Ireland, Cyprus, Malta, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Saudia Arabia and the UAE.

Key Features:

  • EU868 LoRaWAN Band - Class C
  • Button for manual on/off control
  • Configuration by NFC
  • Measures: Voltage (VAC), Current (A), Power Factor (%), Power Meter (kWh)
  • Size: 110 × 62 × 35 mm
  • Simple plug-in installation
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Data sheet

Indoor or Outdoor
LoRaWAN Band
Manufacturer Part Number
WS523-868M 13A-UK


WS52x Datasheet

Overview and specifications of the Milesight Smart Portable Socket

Milesight WS52x User Guide

Full user guide and payload descriptions for the Milesight Smart Portable Socket