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mcf88 LoRaWAN Single-Phase Energy Meter with I/O


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Part of mcf88's range of industrial LoRaWAN devices, this compact electricity meter can monitor and report the power usage of a device, as well as remotely switching the device power on/off.

The unit can measure the power usage of a 16 Amp load, and has a relay output to switch up to 8A.

The meter reports the instantaneous reading of active, reactive and apparent power, voltage and current, allowing for many measurement and control industrial applications.

Features and Specifications

  • Metering of a 230VAC 16Amp Load (Class 0.2)
  • Instantaneous reading of active, reactive and apparent power, voltage and current
  • One opto-isolated input, capability 230VAC
  • One relay output with COM, NO, NC contacts for up to 8A @ 230VAC
  • Powered directly from the mains
  • Dimensions: 53.4 x 87.2 x 25mm
  • USB OTG interface for device setup and firmware upgrades
  • Easy-to-use configuration software provided to set up your device
  • Class C LoRaWAN® stack - EU868 band
  • Working temperature range -10 to +70°C
  • Powerful ARM Cortex M0 with RTC
  • 128 bit AES Encryption


  • Energy metering
  • Powerline quality measure
  • Monitoring of a remote input
  • Remote appliance power control
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LoRaWAN Band
EU 868


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