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Browan Tabs Smart Building Sensors - Indoor Air Quality EU868

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Tabs Healthy Home Indoor Air Quality Sensor

Our expanding range of home and office sensors includes this low-cost Indoor Air Quality sensor. Using LoRaWAN for connectivity, these small sensors are ideal for home monitoring and smart office deployments.

The sensor continuously samples the temperature, humidity and air quality of the environment. To save power, the sensor is configured to send the current readings over LoRaWAN once an hour, unless there has been a significant change. If the temperature changes by 2C, or the relative humidity has changed by 5% then the device sends an uplink immediately. This lowers the power usage for longer battery life.

The device is just 50mm in size so can be discreetly deployed in homes and offices.

Key Features:

  • 3.6V ½ AA Li-SOCl2 1200mAh (included)
  • Up to 16 months battery life
  • 50mm x 20mm x 50mm size
  • LoRaWAN 1.0.3 - EU868 band
  • Uses Bosch BE680 sensor for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) metric
  • IP40 indoor enclosure
  • RF TX power US: +19dBm
  • EU: +17dBm
  • Antenna Gain: -2dBi Peak, -5dBi Avg
  • RF Sensitivity: -135dBm

LoRaWAN Support and Decoder

The device is provided with LoRaWAN keys, and is compatible with any network server, including The Things Network, Loriot, and ChirpStack.

Browan's decoder functions.

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