is run by Sensational Systems Limited. We're a UK company and we're registered for Value Added Tax (VAT). We have to charge VAT to some but not all of our customers. VAT is complicated(!), so here's a quick guide to who has to pay VAT and who doesn't.

Customers who pay VAT

  • All UK customers, individuals or companies
  • EU private individuals
  • EU companies that aren't VAT-registered

Customers who DON'T pay VAT

  • EU VAT-registered companies that provide their VAT number at checkout
  • All non-EU customers, individuals and companies outside of the EU

How do you get VAT-free pricing?

Our shop system handles this and shows prices both including, and excluding VAT. During the checkout process you will be asked for your address and VAT number. At this point the system knows if you are VAT-registered in the EU, or outside of the EU and will remove the VAT from your order.