is run by Sensational Systems Limited. We're a UK company and we're registered for Value Added Tax (VAT). We have to charge VAT to some but not all of our customers. VAT is complicated(!), so here's a quick guide to who has to pay VAT and who doesn't.

As of 2021-01-01, we no longer charge VAT for EU customers. Customers in the EU will still pay VAT, but this will now be collected by DHL on import.

We charge VAT to: 

  • All UK customers, individuals or companies

We DON'T charge VAT to:

  • All individuals and companies outside of the UK. You will pay VAT to DHL on import into your country.

Import VAT and taxes

We ship from the UK, if you are in another country you may have to pay import VAT and duties. This depends on your country's rules, and it's not something we have any control over!

In general, most EU countries will charge local VAT (i.e, TVA in France, BTW in the Netherlands) on import. Our courier DHL will bill you directly for this as they handle the customs import. If you are registered for VAT in your country you can reclaim this, just as you can with any local purchase.

VAT is usually around 20%, but varies by country.

You may also be charged an import duty that you cannot reclaim. This varies by country, most of the products we sell are low or zero rated, so this cost should be small, if you are charged at all.

Important note: if you receive a bill for duty and tax from DHL, you are required to pay it!