LMR400 Low Loss Cable - 1 Metre N-Female to RP-SMA Male

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1 Meter N-Female to RP-SMA Male Low Loss Cable

Our high-quality cable assemblies are made from low-loss coax, ideal for low power technologies where every decibel counts!

These cables are made using LMR400, or equivalent such as RF400 - the highest performance antenna cable we stock.

These cables are perfect for connecting your LoRaWAN gateway or Helium Miner to an external antenna, or GPS, GSM/3G/4G applications.

This cable is N-Female -> Reverse-Polarity SMA Male, check the photos to make sure you order the right cable for your antenna and gateway combination!

We supply this cable in various lengths, see the related products for other length options.

Key Features:

  • Made from LMR400 low-loss coax
  • 50 Ohm impedance
  • 80 pF/m capacitance
  • Attenuation of 0.13dB p/m @ 1GHz
  • 10.3mm outer diameter
  • 2.62mm copper conductor
  • 7.2mm PEG dialectric
  • Aluminium + polyester + aluminium tape screen

Other cable assemblies:

See our Cables & Accessories category for various N, SMA and RP-SMA cable assemblies.

Device compatibility:

This cable is compatible with:

  • Most Helium Miners, including RAK, Seeed SenseCAP and Broway MerryIoT models
  • Most indoor gateways
  • RAK 5.8dBi and 8dBi antennae

Just check the photos to be sure!

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