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Wavetrend LoRaWAN Water Temperature Monitor

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Pipe temperature sensor size: 15mm pipe-clamp sensor
Pipe temperature sensor size 2: 15mm pipe-clamp sensor
Pipe temperature sensor size 3: 15mm pipe-clamp sensor


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Wavetrend LoRaWAN Water Temperature Monitor

Need to monitor for possible legionella bacterium growth? Or check how often taps are run? Or how long showers are used for? Wavetrend LoRaWAN Water Temperature Monitor is the super-configurable device for you!

The device accepts up to three temperature probes, allowing you to monitor the hot and cold feeds, as well as a mixed output, all in one unit. It also features onboard intelligence to understand water usage, rather that just reporting temperature levels it's smart enough to monitor thresholds internally and reports back to you scald and freeze alerts, and flow events.

The Water Temperature Monitor can be configured to trigger a flow event, or freeze/scald warning with different timing and temperature thresholds for different applications.

All configuration is by LoRaWAN downlink, the device requests a configuration packet when it's started up - and the unit starts running when a temperature probe is plugged in, no need to open it and insert batteries or pull tabs.

There are different pipe temperature probes available for different pipe sizes. These are easy to attach to copper or plastic plumbing, and you can mix and match sizes as required. Each has a one-metre cable, so there's plenty of flexibility to install in tricky areas under kitchen sinks or in bathrooms.

In addition to hot/cold outlet monitoring, the device also has configurations for monitoring hot water cylinder flow and returns, and healthcare specific use cases.

About Legionella & Legionnaires'

Legionella bacteria are naturally occouring and grow in rivers and ponds, in low numbers. The bacteria can be passed into building water systems, where they can grow and pose a health threat. Legionellosis is a collective term for Leigionella derived illnesses, with Legionnaires' being the most serious - a form of pneumonia.

Legionella bacteria multiply when water is in the 20-45 °C temperature range, and sits for some time. This happens when hot water systems aren't hot enough to kill the bacteria, or cold water tanks aren't cold enough to impede growth. For this reason it's important to monitor pipework to check water is being drawn to flush out the system, and that temperatures are in the correct range.

There's more information about legal requirements for landlords and businesses on the HSE website.

Key Features: 

  • EU868 LoRaWAN Band, version 1.0.3
  • A-size 3.6V Lithium battery included - Li-SOC12, 3600mAh
  • -27°C to +100°C sensing range
  • Supports one, two or three NTC pipe-clamp probes
  • 1% typical measurement accuracy
  • 10-year battery life in typical configuration
  • Compact 130 x 65.5 x 25.5mm unit

Configuration & Integration

See the Docs & Downloads tab above for full configuration guides and documentation of payload formats.

A TTN/TTI compatible payload decoder is available here.

All timing and channel configuration can be done over the air via downlink packets. To get going quickly we have pre-configured with the following defaults:

  • 30 minute reporting interval
  • Scald alerts enabled and set to 66C
  • Freeze alerts enabled and set to 0C
  • Probe one configured as a hot outlet
  • Probe two configured as a cold outlet

For larger deployments we can provide the devices pre-configured as required, get in touch and we'll work out your correct configuration.

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Wavetrend Temp Monitor Datasheet

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