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Quandify CubicMeter Smart Water Meter & Leak Detector - Copper

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Quandify CubicMeter Smart Water Meter - Copper

Quandify's CubicMeter id designed to be quick and easy to install. It's non-invasive, simply attach it to your existing pipework and it'll start to measure your water usage - no plumber required!

The meter is suitable for standard 15mm and 22mm copper pipes, chromed or bare. The easy installation makes this meter ideal for retrofitting into homes, offices, hotels and shops. There's no interruption to the water supply and installation can be carried out in just a few minutes.

The CubicMeter uses ultrasonic technology for up to 98% accuracy. It also features water leak detection. A continuous water flow is a key indicator of a leak, so detecting this early helps to prevent water damage and conserve water. The meter data provides detailed water consumption information, enabling users to optimise usage, reduce wastage, and lower water bills.

Key Features:

  • EU868 LoRaWAN band, 1.0.2-revB
  • Sealed unit with up to 10 year battery life
  • LCD for quick readings
  • Supports copper pipes of 14-22mm (plastic pipe version also available)
  • Water leak alerting
  • Measures ambient temperature to warn of freezing
  • No plumber required!

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