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Adeunis ARF8283AA Delta P Air Pressure Sensor

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Adeunis Delta P Air Pressure Sensor EU868

The Adeunis Delta P device offers the ability to monitor differential air pressure an air handling system in a number of environments from plant rooms to roof tops. Visibility of changes in differential pressure in an Air Handling Unit (AHU) allows for more efficient operation of ventilation systems by ensuring filters get changed when they become clogged and dirty. Operational costs are reduced by only deploying engineers when needed. 

The device requires tubes and glands for connecting to an AHU to be supplied by the end user. These should have an outer diameter of 6mm and inner diameter of 5mm. Please consult Adeunis documentation for full specification and recommended installation procedures.

The Delta P also has 2 dry contact inputs/outputs and an analogue 0-10V input. Connecting these to a fault contact or relay on an AHU controller will allow either visibility of a fault condition or some element of remote control. The 0-10v input can also be used for signalling/battery monitoring.

Please note - No tube or glands are supplied with this product

Key Features:

  • Monitor Differential Air Pressure (-500/+500 Pa) with an accuracy of +/- 30 Pa
  • 2 digital inputs / outputs
  • 0-10v analogue input
  • IP68 enclosure. Operates in -20°C to +70°C and 0 to 85% RH
  • Replaceable internal LiSOCl2 battery
  • 10 years operation @ 12 messages per day  
  • Configuration via USB OTG/Phone app or Downlinks
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