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IMBuildings LoRaWAN People Counter - US915 White

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IMBuildings LoRaWAN Beam-Break People Counter White

It's a hot topic at the moment, but people counting has been important in retail and commercial settings for years. It's widely used in travel, where it's called PAX counting. There is now a pressing need to accurately count people moving around offices, shops and industrial settings, so we're delighted that IMBuildings tried and tested people counting technique is now available in a LoRaWAN version, making it even easier to install and integrate!

The People Counter solution here is a beam-break system, there's an infrared beam transmitter unit and a receiver unit. To install, simply position them facing each other across a walkway or doorway. The supplied mounting brackets screw to the wall in a few minutes, and both units are powered by 2x AA batteries so there are no cable runs to worry about.

This beam break method is proven to be simple and effective. No privacy concerns, unlike camera based systems, and a simple LoRaWAN protocol makes it easy to add counters to many systems. The counter can be configured to give a count over a time window, or send an uplink on every person passing.

The counter can determine direction of travel, so the same counter can provide a count of people entering and exiting a building or room. The transmitter and receiver units can be placed up to eight metres apart, so large walkways can be accommodated. Note that people counting works best when people travel in single file, so for best accuracy position the counters at pinch points in corridors so that they can identify each person separately for best accuracy.

Docs, Configuration and Payload Decoder

The people counter is compatible with any LoRaWAN network, including The Things Network, Loriot, Senet, Helium and more.

See the IMBuildings Support site for documentation.

Payload decoders, and the Android NFC configuration app are available on IMBuildings Github.

Useful Downlinks

All port 1

Zero the counters - F1 01 07 C8 03 00 00 00 00

Perform new join - F1 01 03 C8 02

Enable event based triggering - F1 01 05 1F 01 01 05

Disable interval transmission - F1 01 03 1E 00

Key Features:

  • LoRaWAN certified
  • US915 LoRaWAN band
  • Includes both receiver and transmitter units
  • Configurable Android NFC app or LoRaWAN downlinks
  • Powered by 4x standard AA Alkaline or Lithium batteries (two per unit)
  • Includes wall mounting brackets
  • Small IP20 rated units
  • Robust external case available for outdoor/harsh environments
  • Up to 99% accurate, see research study

Other Versions and Accessories

This product is the US915 version, part number IB010-002.00, suitable for use in North America. It is available in black or white

We also stock the EU868 version for Europe.

A Robust Housing is available for harsh environments or outdoor use. This is available as a production option when you add this to your basket above, or as a separate product.

You can see all IMBuildings products here.

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TU/e People Counting Study

A study into people counting techniques published by Eindhoven University of Technology

People Counter Datasheet

Specs and overview of the IMBuildings LoRaWAN people counter

IMBuildings Reference Guide

Reference guide for System Integrators, featuring payload formats for all IMBuildings Devices


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