• Bands: AS923, AU915, US915

Milesight EM310-UDL Ultrasonic Distance & Level Sensor - US915/AU915/AS923

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Milesight EM310-UDL Distance & Level Sensor

Milesight's new EM310-UDL-915M is a robust, waterproof, distance and level sensor. The sensor uses two ultrasonic transducers to detect distances from 30mm to 4.5m. The short 30mm "blind zone" makes this sensor particularly suitable for bin level sensing where the contents of the bin will get very close to the sensor. The long 4.5m range makes the sensor useful for monitoring in taller containers and silos, as well as applications like car park monitoring.

EM310-UDL is IP67-rated, it's water and dust proof and easy to mount on a flat surface via the two screw holes.

The device includes an accelerometer to detect movement of the sensor, this can be used to count bin lid openings.

The unit is configurable via an NFC application to select different operational modes, including periodic sampling and threshold-based transmissions. The sensor measurement interval can be set for different periods, and in threshold mode upper and lower bounds can be set.

The unit is powered from two A-sized (ER17505) batteries, giving the unit a battery life of up to 10 years (at 10 min interval with 20 triggers per day).

The sensors can be configured via NFC using Milesight's Android app.

Key Features:

  • US915 LoRaWAN Band by default, configurable to AU915 and AS923 bands
  • Detection range: 3 - 450 cm
  • Detection accuracy: ± (1+0.3% * distance) cm
  • Detection resolution: 1mm
  • Humidity range: 0% to 100% RH
  • Humidity measurement accuracy: 10% to 90% RH (+/- 3%), below 10% and above 90% RH (+/- 5%)
  • Humidity resolution: 0.5%
  • Powered by two 3500 mAh ER17505 Li-SOCL2 batteries
  • Size: 111 × 62 × 40 mm
  • IP67 rated
  • Mounting lugs for fixing to flat surfaces
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