• Band: EU868

TEKTELIC Tundra Cold Chain Temperature Sensor

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TEKTELIC Tundra Cold Chain Temperature Sensor - EU868

Monitoring temperature in fridges and freezers is easy with Tektelic Tundra! Specifically designed for commercial fridges and freezers, Tundra features a large C-cell battery (included) for 10 year battery life. The “10 year battery life” figure is commonly quoted in the LoRaWAN world, but that often fails to factor in that battery life is compromised in cold conditions, like inside a freezer! Tektelic has designed Tundra to have a genuine many-year battery life, taking into account it will be running in freezers down to -40°C.

The Tundra sensor can be fitted to the side of a fridge/freezer using the supplied screw-mount bracket, and it's a completely sealed unit for zero ongoing maintenance.

Tundra features onboard storage of readings allowing you to save readings when there's no LoRaWAN network coverage. This allows for a continuous record of temperatures to be downloaded later, even when the device has been moved in and out of range. A common use case here is pallets or cages being brought out of freezers to be transported in refrigerated trucks and then delivered to the destination with LoRaWAN coverage. It's now possible to download the history during transit and prove the goods were kept correctly. Up to 125 days of data (3000 records) can be stored.

Tektelic Tundra is ideal for pharmaceutical and vaccine storage, HACCP-compliance in restaurants and hospitality, and all forms of commercial or industrial fridges and freezers.

Key Features:

  • EU868 LoRaWAN Band - Class A
  • Reports Temperature and Relative Humidity
  • Large C-cell LiSocl battery included
  • IP67 enclosure
  • Size: 67 x 43 x 36 mm
  • Temperature range: -40°C to +85°C

Live data!

Data from a Tunda in the Sensational Systems office fridge.

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Tektelic Tundra Datasheet

Overview and Specifications for the Tektelic Tundra sensor