• Band: EU868

Enginko EGK-LW22CCM Cold Chain Environment Monitoring sensor

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EGK-LW22CCM IP65 Cold Chain Environment Monitoring 

The EGK-LW22CCM is a IP65 battery powered sensor that is designed for all situations where it is necessary to keep temperature and humidity under control, from catering to medical and pharmaceutical applications, from museum environments to vaults and wine cellars.

The multifunction button and the colored LEDs, combined with the Bluetooth connection, guarantee ease of configuration and control.

The device can store up to 3000 sets of historical data records with time stamps, even without connection. Historical data can be retrieved via Bluetooth by LoraTool App or via LoRaWAN® network by uplinks.

The device can be pole mounted with the included bracket and screws, wall mounted with the included Velcro adhesive fastener or wall mounted with the optional kit EGK-RAWALL.

Key Features:

  • LoRaWAN 1.0.2
  • Class A LoRaWAN Device - EU868 band
  • On device storage of up to 3000 sets of historical data records
  • CPU ARM Cortex M4
  • Embedded Antenna
  • Magnet Start-up
  • BLE Local Config/FW updates via App
  • 9 Year lifetime at SF12, 30 min periodic uplink
  • Dimensions 65.5×58.5×32.5 mm
  • Weight - 95g
  • IP65 rated enclosure
  • Powered by two replaceable Lithium CR123A batteries.

Environmental Parameters and Accuracy

  • Temperature  -40°C to 65°C (±-0.5-0.6°C )
  • Relative Humidity 0% to 100% (±4% max)
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