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Nwave G4 Car Parking Space Sensor - Flush Mount

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Nwave G4 Car Parking Space Sensor - Flush Mount - Multiband

Detecting and reporting parking space occupancy in real time, the Nwave G4 Car Parking Space Sensor enables tracking of space usage to reduce the time hunting for a space.

This device requires a ~150mm wide, 25mm deep hole to be cut into the road so the sensor can be mounted flush with the surface of the road. The flush mount option helps reduce trip hazards and minimise potential damage to the sensor vs the surface mount version.

Once installed it is commissioned with a BLE app, connects to a LoRaWAN network ready to start providing real time usage. This direct integration version can be used with any LNS and the payload spec is detailed in the user guide. Payload decoders have already be added to for TTS/TTN for easy setup. 

Nwave offer high accuracy detection through advanced filtering and noise reduction techniques to differentiate parking events from electromagnetic interference or false events such as an underground train passing.

Some of the use cases for the Nwave G4 Car Parking Space Sensor include:

  • tracking space availability
  • monitoring electric charging points
  • watching for possible overstays
  • monitoring use of loading bays and taxi ranks

Nwave also provide a parking analytics & admin dashboard using these sensors. Each device comes with 1 year trial. Please get in touch to discuss options for your roll out. 

Key Features:

  • Mutiband Device - EU868/US915/AU915
  • 9-10 Year Battery Life at 20 messages per day
  • Dimensions - 156 mm Diameter
  • Operating Temperature - -40C to +85C
  • Replaceable Li-SOCl2 Battery 
  • Inbuilt Temperature sensor for indicative road surface temperature. 
  • Detection speed - 5-7 Seconds
  • Local device config via Android App
  • LoRaWAN 1.0.3 Compliant Device
  • Direct version works with any LNS
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