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Kuando Busylight UC Omega Indicator Light

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kuando Busylight IoT Omega

The Busylight allows users to be visually notified for a of a change of state, alarm or cue to act. It has a fully configurable RGB led with options for customising how the device flashes/blinks off and on. This is a LoRaWAN class C device and comes with a USB PSU with UK plug. By using metrics detected by other sensors such as temperature, door open/close state, downlinks can be sent from the application to indicate changes to users.

Example use cases can include

  • Meeting room occupancy
  • Office desk availability
  • Parking lot availabilty
  • Cue for calender event
  • Indicator for status in test or production line
  • Temperature/humidity/CO2/ indicator

Key Features:

  • Multi color RGB LED light with customizable brightness and flashing
  • 360 degree visibility
  • LoRaWAN MAC version: 1.0.3
  • Easy to setup on TTN/TTS as decoders are included in the device repository

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