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Milesight CT101 Smart Current Transformer - 100A

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Milesight CT101 Smart Current Transformer EU868

The CT101 is a self powered LoRaWAN Smart Current Transformer for the monitoring of energy usage on a single phase electrical circuit. The CT101 works on circuits carrying up to 100A - providing current consumption data though periodic and threshold (min/max) triggered messages.

The compact size allows it to be easily installed in between an existing meter and consumer unit or inside a distribution board by a qualified electrician safely without de-energizing a circuit. CT101 can be widely used for energy motoring in domestic, commercial and industrial settings, as well as for machine failure detection.

CT101 is battery-free as it's parasitically powered from the current passing through the cable being measured. This removes any need for ongoing maintenance.

Key Features:

  • Report the RMS current and accumulated current data periodically
  • High measuring accuracy with a sampling frequency of up to 3.3 kHz
  • Parasitic powered super capacitor means no batteries or external supply required
  • Utilise a sampling rate of up to 1s for real-time monitoring and quick alarm response
  • Compact size allows for installation in narrow spaces
  • Non-invasive clamp design ensures easy and safe installation without the need for electrical power downs
  • Equipped with LED indicator to indicate working status and alarms
  • External SMA antenna
  • Configuration via Downlinks or Milesight Toolbox app
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