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Browan Tabs Smart Building Sensors - Motion PIR Sensor EU868

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Our new range of Smart Building Sensors includes this low-cost Motion Sensor. Using LoRaWAN for connectivity, these small sensors are ideal for home monitoring and smart office deployments.

The device continuously monitors the built-in Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor and transmits an uplink when activity is detected, and again when the room becomes vacant. The sensor also transmits a regular uplink of the current occupancy of the room every hour when the room is vacant, or every 10 minutes when occupied.

Changes to the device configuration can be made by downlink payloads to tweak the PIR thresholds and sensitivity, see the datasheet under the downloads tab for more information on this.

The device is just 50mm in size so can be discreetly deployed in homes and offices.

We have open sourced a TTN-compatible payload decoder for this sensor, you can find it here.

Key specifications

Dual Passive Infrared detectors and Fresnel Lens with 123° horizontal and 93° vertical view
LoRaWAN band
Certifications and Conformity
CE, ROHS REACH and FCC (US915 version)
50mm x 20mm x 50mm
3.6V ½ AA Li-SOCl2 1200mAh (included)
IP Rating
IP 40 equivalent
391 položky

Tabuľka dát

Indoor or Outdoor
LoRaWAN Band
Helium compatible
Manufacturer Part Number


Motion Sensor Datasheet

Datasheet, guide and payload documentation for the tabs Motion Sensor