The Things Network in Edinburgh

We've been running gateways on the Things Network in Edinburgh since early 2017. We started out just testing out LoRaWAN technology, but the benefit of having an open-access and free-to-use public network is clear. We decided to fund a few gateways to help push development of the network in Edinburgh, and along with the rest of the gateway owners, we now have created great coverage in central Edinburgh.

TTN Mapper view of Edinburgh
TTN Mapper view of the Things Network coverage in Edinburgh

Our gateways are at Summerhall in Newington, and Fountainbridge, with more coming online soon. We've also helped out other gateway owners with advice and equipment.

Sirio GP 868 C
The Sirio GP 868 C antenna installed for the Fountainbridge gateway

We started our Connected Things Store to help others get hold of the same gateways and antennae we've had to work hard to buy ourselves. Hopefully we can make it easier to get started with LoRa and the Things Network, if you need some advice on what to buy or how to get going, get in touch!

Nov 4, 2018